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Maintainer volunteers like you can help keep Noisebridge's many events and resources running!

There are lots of things at Noisebridge that function because a few people who care about them keep them running. Volunteering to be a maintainer for something you care about is a great way to contribute.

Generally, if you want to become a maintainer of something:

  1. Get in touch with the other maintainers if there are any.
  2. Create a Wiki account and put some contact information such as email and/or usernames on Noisebridge's channels.
  3. Put your name down on the relevant wiki page's maintainer list. Use a [ [ User:YourUserName ] ] link to link to your userpage with contact info there.
  4. Speak up at a meeting or on Announcements announcing that you've volunteered to help maintain something and ask for more volunteers if you are still below 2 or 3.
  5. Learn the basics of editing the Wiki to help keep it updated for things you maintain.

Check the list of Recruiting guilds and resources in need of maintainers and events in need of organizers.

Learn more about the successful guild patterns at MetaGuild.