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== pi shield build ==
== pi shield build ==
=== Python Test ===
bashland garage M.V.P. 2020.10.03
bashland garage M.V.P. 2020.10.03
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=== Python WX Report ===
#cat NoisebridgeWeatherReport.py
from piweathershield import PiWeatherShield
from time import sleep
import time
print("Weather Stats for Noisebridge")
while True:
ws = PiWeatherShield()
print("Location:              272 Capp Street, S.F. Earth")
print("Date & Time:            " + time.asctime())
print("Humidity:                    " + str(ws.htu21d.read_humidity()) + " %")
print("Pressure:                    " + str(ws.ms5637.read_temperature_and_pressure()[1]) + " mBar")
print("Object Temperature:          " + str(ws.tsd305.read_temperature_and_object_temperature()[1]) + " Celcius")
print("Ambient Temperature:        " + str(ws.tsys01.read_temperature()) + " Celcius")
sleep(20) #moved to end so prints before 1st sleep
Location:              272 Capp Street, S.F. Earth 
Date & Time:            Sat Oct 31 15:43:58 2020   
Humidity:                    18.6238708496 %       
Pressure:                    1016.93 mBar           
Object Temperature:          22.3973064849 Celcius 
Ambient Temperature:        30.8398327111 Celcius
<quote>Observations for the evening of October 3rd in the garage behind the Amburlance and Pomegranate/Raspberry of Ashland California are; humidity 22.835%, 1,012.41 milibars, 36.73 degrees sell-shee-us, and thermocouple object reading for the ceiling of 22.894194245494... tree (72 fr33d'm nuggets).</quote>
replicant floating (272 w/pi?)
replicant floating (272 w/pi?)
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== Node-RED/MQTT ==
*Flow edit:
*Article: http://www.yoctopuce.com/EN/article/a-weather-station-with-mqtt-and-node-red
*"flow" https://www.yoctopuce.com/pubarchive/2018-11/Node-Red_WeatherStationFlow_1.json
*mqtt test: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38733589/publishing-mqtt-messages-from-a-python-script-on-a-raspberry-pi

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