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This page is a collection of web development resources used by JavaScript Class and Frontend Web Development




JavaScript libraries

No JavaScript libraries are endorsed in JavaScript Class this group. If you want help with using a library, visit that library's discussion group instead.

  • AngularJS - Directive-based MVC framework
  • Backbone.js - Barebones MVC framework
  • Ember.js - Handlebars-based MVC framework
  • jQuery - Downloads and documentation for the most popular web framework
  • Modernizr - JS feature-detection library

Browser support

  • Autoprefixer - Preprocesses stylesheets and adds vendor prefixes
  • Can I use... - Worldwide browser support percentages for new technologies
  • CSS3 Please - Easy vendor prefixing page for popular CSS3 features
  • HTML5 Please - Whether to use the latest in HTML5

Web applications

  • Django - Python-based web app framework
  • Grunt - JavaScript-based preprocessor
  • Middleman - Ruby-based front-end workflow app
  • Ruby on Rails - Wildly popular Ruby-based web app framework
  • Yeoman - JavaScript-based front-end workflow app




Online schools

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