What It Takes to Succeed with Guest Sam Ovens, Dane Maxwell's Brightest Protégé

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This smells like a scam - note SEO spam referencing "Dane Maxwell"

for example

http://jobathomeideas.com/job-at-home-ideas/internet-business-mastery-dane-maxwell/ "What they can be really after can be a get loaded quick choice. Internet Business Mastery Dane Maxwell if this is you you may as well click about the next page because there are lots of people spouting phone bologna items about buying rich instant. However few people are willing to divulge sincere to kindness ways which you could make extra money from your home."

WTF? Some kind of performance art? This should be epic!

ok - looks like teh olde guru assclown separation of fools from money game. Some interesting discussion here: http://www.thefastlaneforum.com/general-entrepreneurship-startup/42565-dane-maxwell-build-software-companies-6-months-w-o-money-experience.html ... so um yeah seems likely to be at best a complete waste of time (except for trolls)

So, okay all you "entrepreneurs" trying to leach social capital & Google juice from Noisebridge - well, you got it! This one's for you, Dane Maxwell!

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