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Documentation WG Meeting #1


   Matthew Mckeenna - I like documentation in general, I do wikis, and I like noisebridge and the best way to know about sonmething is to try and document it
   Kevin Schiesser - History is great. There is a need for knowledge transfer. I like the jungle aspect of the wiki; a search gives you random results. I appreciate it. I also want to see the git repository continued. I was invited with my concern about more accountability
   Torrie - Started the manual, ended up as secretary, wants others to do her job

Matthew - the wiki has a ton of information, lots of notes, but it is hard to find when someone wants to unless you type in the right keywords and search

Note taker co-piloting Special pages on the wiki Putting up signs, documenting solutions to common bugs

Transparency - The board, weekly meeting, etc, should be public. Things that people have agreed to be private should be private, such as safe space WG discussions.