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X60 linkdump

misc coreboot/libreboot info

hardening hardware

misc info derived from Peter Stuge's 30C3 Talk Hardening hardware and choosing a #goodBIOS: Clean boot every boot - rejecting persistence of malicious software and tripping up the evil maid (direct video link)

BIOS flashing

CPU errata / microcode updates

(what you might be missing if you opt not to use Intel's microcode updates, as the FSF-certified gluglug systems do):

Lenovo's hardware maintenance manuals

thinkwiki categories

note that much of the info on thinkwiki does not apply to coreboot users.

libreboot signing key

The Libreboot developers are signing their source and binary releases with a PGP key which is published on keyservers but is not currently signed by anybody. FWIW, as of Jul 25 44UE, the fingerprint of the signing key published at http://libreboot.org/#rebootkey is C923 4BA3 200C F688 9CC0 764D 6E97 D575 656F 212E