Yoghurt making manual - short workshop form

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Manual for yoghurt preparation[edit]

  • culture volume Vc = 1 l

active culture[edit]

  • yoghurt (10% (v/v)) = 100 ml


  • milk (90% (v/v)) = 900 ml (unpasteurized whole milk)


  • 1 l culture container (glass, wide mouth, seal-able)
  • 2-3 l pot
  • strainer (should be able to hold 0.5 - 1 l of liquid)
  • cheese cloth or muslin
  • 1x half litre seal-able glass container for storing the yoghurt (wide mouth)
  • 1x litre seal-able glass container for storing the whey (narrow mouth)
  • funnel

working manual[edit]

- prepare the 1 l culture container

- add the 100 ml of yoghurt culture

- add 900 ml of milk and mix a bit

- seal the container by lid and let to ferment anaerobically at 20-35°C for 1-2 days (out of direct sun)

- check after 6-12 hours for separation of liquid phase and coagulate

- once the phases are starting to separate taste

- once to your liking (12-36 hours) take out 100 ml of active milk culture for the next batch (adding 900 ml of milk etc.)

- harvest residual 900 ml of cultured milk separated in to yoghurt coagulate and liquid whey

- prepare the pot and fix the strainer on the top

- lay out the cheese cloth

- transfer 900 ml of the culture to the strainer and let to strain covering the top by cheese cloth against flies

- stop straining once the texture of the yoghurt (1-6 h) or yoghurt cheese (12-24 h) is to your liking

- transfer the yoghurt to the half litre container and keep at cold before consumed or used

- transfer the whey to the 1 l container and keep at cold before consumed or used for other purposes (preparation of honey cooler for example)

- both whey and yoghurt may be used for the new culture preparation and they can be stored at cold easily for 1 month or so