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{{big}}'''Noisebridge's YouTube Channel''' broadcasts our [[streaming]] events like [[5mof]] and [[HackComedy]].
{{big}}'''Noisebridge's YouTube Channel''' broadcasts our [[streaming]] events like [[5mof]] and [[HackComedy]].
*'''YOUTUBE CHANNEL:''' [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6oE60rGWqFynD34ielQzxA Noisebridge YouTube]
*'''MAIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL:''' [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6oE60rGWqFynD34ielQzxA Noisebridge YouTube]
*'''GROUP YOUTUBE CHANNEL:''' [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRmZaxVzEMlxzoL92_z3Qw Group NB channel]

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Noisebridge's YouTube Channel broadcasts our streaming events like 5mof and HackComedy.

If you would like access to upload video to the Noisebridge channel please ask!

Current situation: we have two Noisebridge YouTube channels.

To add new owners and channel managers to the group account (aka the "Brand" page):

  • go to the Brand management page
  • Add by gmail address
  • then the person you add will be able to switch accounts and upload video

To upload video to the noisebridge group account:

  • first switch accounts so you see the noisebridge logo at top right --
  • click the upper right icon (likely your personal login)
  • then select "switch account"
  • then select noisebridge
  • it should be pretty obvious from there!

Once we have 100 subscribers to the group account we can customize the URL and do some more fancy stuff with the page.