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(NEXT ISSUE: ZIP Issue #4)
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Come get involved because it's awesome and so are you!
Come get involved because it's awesome and so are you!
== ZIP Prelaunch Checklist ==
# Make a ZIP# page for the upcoming issue's development and list it as the next issue in progress.
## Give it a clever Acroname.
## Add article concept pitches.
## Announce the issue in development needs writers and mention some story pitches in need of authors, photographers and artists to develop them at [[meetings]] via ongoing [[announcements]].
## Put the text of each article as it is in development under /ZIP#/articletitle
## Have each article's text designed into a cool page layout by an artist along with any photography and illustrations.
## Package the finished page layouts into a PDF
## Announce final proof-reading test release.
## Once it passes proof-reading corrections, repackage the final version!
# Upload the final proofed version to Internet Archive to match the naming scheme of the others.
== Acronaming Each Issue ==
Each issue needs a cleverly confusing acronym name using the Z I P letters, like Zoos Irradiate Pandas.
* [https://www.dictionary.com/e/word-finder/words-that-start-with-z/ word-finder/words-that-start-with-z]
* [https://www.dictionary.com/e/word-finder/words-that-start-with-i/ word-finder/words-that-start-with-i]
* [https://www.dictionary.com/e/word-finder/words-that-start-with-p/ word-finder/words-that-start-with-p]

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ZIP (ZINE IN PROGRESS) is Noisebridge's polymegazine for sharing of Noisebridgers' ideas and projects.

Back and bigger than ever (maybe?) is the Zine in Progress!


Zip1.png Zip2.png Zip3.png

A Polymegazine[edit]

ZiP: Zine in Progress is a polymegazine inspired by Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco's Mission District, in California, U.S.A.

ZiPZine was conceived by veteran zinester Tony Longshanks LeTigre and his wizardly doppelganger, the Whimsical Wizard of ZiP (aka Whimzy) in late 2011, and launched its first issue on Valentine's Day, 2012. ZiP is a "polymegazine", by which the editors mean that it is a collaborative zine with a variety of contributors, and in addition to that it is a fairly large-scale and high-end zine.

NEXT ISSUE: ZIP4 Issue #4[edit]

We are rebooting ZIP to be approximately quarterly and collect presentations from 5 Minutes of Fame and major new developments at Noisebridge as we rebuild at 272 Capp in our crazy new perma-pandemic world.

Do you have article content or design ideas for ZIP?

Get involved!


Every second Thursday of the month, we will be meeting during To-do-ocracy to work on Zine Hacking! YAS!

Come get involved because it's awesome and so are you!