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Welcome to the Noisebridge Zine-In-Progress


ZiP: Zine in Progress is a Noisebridge-friendly, fully autonomated, frequently festive, quasi-quarterly hackerzine, created and edited by Tony Longshanks LeTigre and the mysterious personage known as The Whimsical Wizard of ZiP (aka Whimzy).

ZiP now has its own site, where the full text of every issue of the zine will be available to read free or download and print yourself: ZiPZineWeb

ZiP launched its first issue, 7DC, on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2012, with a Zine Launch Microparty at Noisebridge called My Noisy Valentine

To join the conversation around ZiP and zine-making at Noisebridge in general, please sign up for the Zines From Outer Space mailing list at https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/zine

ZiPLogo Thumb.jpg


Submissions, pitches, ideas: zipsub-at-riseup.net

Letters to editor, comments: zipwizard-at-riseup.net

Subscriptions, inquiries, etc: zipzine-at-riseup.net

Another ZiP-related project in conception is a collection of peoples' recollections of the first time they came to Noisebridge. Read more about the proposed anthology.

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