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Welcome all Zinesters and Zinephiles

This page is open to anyone involved in zine-making and distribution with ties to Noisebridge.

ZinesFromOuterSpace, a discussion group for zinester-hackers, is now meeting weekly, Thursdays at 21:00/9pm at Noisebridge! Come help us plan the next issue of ZiP02 and discuss related projects. Introduce one of your own!

Logo for ZiP, a Noisebridge Zine in Progress

Below is info and images for ZiP, a Noisebridge-inspired Zine in Progress conceived in December, 2011.


The Inaugural Chapter of ZiP MegaZine is Now Online

February 14th, 2012: ZiP01 released in print and online!

View high-res JPEGs of the current issue here

You may also order print copies for $7.00 apiece.* (Contact info below.) That more or less covers our printing cost, with any overage going to defray business expenses - paper, staples, a stapler, toner (we want to be able to print zines ourselves in the near future rather than relying on Office Max or Stinko's.)

Like what you see in ZiP01 and want to be part of ZiP02? (ZiP02 Release date: April Fool's Day, 2012.) Post your ideas or suggestions here!

Join the ZinesFromOuterSpace mailing list (and wake up the people who are on it right now).

Help us start up weekly brainstorming and inspiration sessions for ZiP and all things zinetic at Noisebridge. All Excellent contributors are welcome, in particular those with publishing / zine-making / printing / letterpress experience. ZiP can grow and change in limitless ways!

ZiP now has its own site, where the full text of every issue of the zine will be available to read free or download and print yourself! ZiPZineWeb

ZiP: Zine in Progress (sometimes abbreviated ZZ) is a hacker-friendly, fully autonomated, frequently festive, quasi-quarterly MegaZine, created and edited by Tony Longshanks LeTigre and the mysterious personage known as The Whimsical Wizard of ZiP (aka Whimzy).

ZiP launched its first issue, 7DC, on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2012, with a Zine Release Microparty at Noisebridge called My Noisy Valentine

ZiPLogo Thumb.jpg


ZiPZineWeb: http://zine.noisebridge.net/

Submissions, pitches, ideas: zipsub@riseup.net

Letters to editor, comments, corrections: zipwizard@riseup.net

Subscriptions, inquiries, etc: zipzine@riseup.net

News/tips: glamortramp@riseup.net

Web Administrator: gnnrok@gmail.com

Page for ZiP on ZineWiki: http://zinewiki.com/ZiP/

Another ZiP-related project in conception is a collection of peoples' recollections of the first time they came to Noisebridge. Read more about the proposed anthology.

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