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Communal Planning Page For ZiP02

This is an open and transparent page for anyone who wants to be part of the second issue of ZiP: Zine in Progress You are encouraged to post your ideas, suggestions, and comments. It's an online complement to the weekly zine planning meetings we're starting at Noisebridge (see front page).

ZiP02 will come out on April Fool's Day (April 1st), 2012.


ZiP01 was folio print on letter (8.5x11) ZiP02 will be.....?

Proposal: quarto print on tabloid (11x17)

We want to experiment with format, style, size, layout until we find something that feels like the official ZiP style. Or maybe there never will be an official ZiP style - it will be constantly evolving, changing, mutating, like memes, like Noisebridge, like life itself.

Here is some info on ways to fold & format zines for print

Articles / Features / Topics

Robotics + 3D Printing + "stone alchemy" (from NB Discuss)

French hacktivists who happily promote Entropy


Hackupy wall Street Einhorn - "unicorn" in German

Word Hacking Finnegans Wake Lewis Carroll neologisms, made-up words (ZiPLingo)

Weird wild digital collage art by Mark Skwarek

Article on the line between hacker/zinester creative theft & borrowing vs. plagiarism & unoriginality

Comic strip: The Noisebridge Muppet Show (Tony has great ideas for this, but needs a skilled illustrator to collaborate with!)

Investigative Report on Robot-Human violence (humor)

Earthquake article / seismology (Tony + anyone else)

Article on Hacker Personality and how you can have it even if you're not a computer programmer at all - pranks, delinquency, elaborate practical jokes like the ones described in the Jargon

Columns / Sections or regular features

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