Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

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"What is zombie apocalypse preparedness?" you ask. Why, it's disaster preparedness, capped off with a trip to the rifle range and booze, of course! --- Here's what I thought might each be a fun Sunday afternoon/evening:


Course Work[edit]

Italics shows the Zombie Apocalypse media reference
Initial letters denote Zombie reference or Apocalypse reference

  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • Amateur radio ARES/RACES usage ZA - I am Legend, Neville often tries to contact people via HAM
  • Brewing and distillation of alcohol (we probably oughtn't run a still in the space, however...)
  • Water distillation and purification
  • Penny stove building workshop: http://www.csun.edu/~mjurey/penny.html
  • Electricity generation
  • Tinkering: fabricating unavailable yet critical tools or devices out of items you might find in a common house or office
  • Chainsaw maintenance
  • Salvage and safe use of common demolition/mining explosives - A - Tremors, blowing up Graboids
  • Defensive driving
  • Archery/fencing/sword/other-running-out-of-ammo-disaster-skills
  • Reloading, nothing like making your own ammo
  • Methane gas production A - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Bartertown's power source
  • Hand printing, copying, and cipher methods
  • Semaphore signaling
  • Scripture cheatsheet for whipping up/controlling dirty masses of post apoc. fundies
  • Bee keeping
  • Animal husbandry (keeping chickens, goats, rabbits and other edible pets)
  • Urban gardening ZA - I am Legend, farming in NYC
  • Food preservation
  • Tunnel digging techniques
  • Trap door construction (for escape hatches and booby traps)
  • Barricading techniques ZA - Night of the Living Dead, et all...
  • Sharpshooting ZA - Night of the Living Dead, a shot to the head kills a zombie

Field Trips[edit]

  • A trip to a rifle range (ie: not just small-bore handguns)
  • A trip to a batting cage


Escape Routes[edit]

San Francisco is located on a peninsula, separated from the rest of the world by Colma... city of the dead! Escape route planning will be very important!


Dynamic Entry[edit]

  • Coordinator  : Jonathan Foote

Brewing Workshop[edit]

Trolling Defence with Knives[edit]

  • Coordinator  : San Mehat
  • Materials  : One sharp knife - serrated, and one dull knife, unserrated
  • Opt. Materials : Salt, Vinegar, Fava Beans, a nice Chianti
  • Test subjects  : <TBD based on mailing-list/irc channel content>

How to Build a Disaster Kit[edit]

  • Coordinator  :
  • Materials  :
  • Opt. Materials :
  • Test subjects  : You!

Field Trips[edit]

Rifle Range[edit]

Shannon volunteers to do the calling around to find out about hours, group rates &c at local rifle ranges.

Batting Cage[edit]

Shannon volunteers to do the calling around to find out about hours, group rates &c at local batting cages.

Graveyard Tour[edit]

It's important to know where the dead are in order to avoid them when they rise!

Interested Parties[edit]

Put your name down if you are interested in attending any or all of these. We can get more specific on each event later.