Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

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"What is zombie apocalypse preparedness?" you ask. Why, it's disaster preparedness, capped off with a trip to the rifle range and booze, of course! --- Here's what I thought might each be a fun Sunday afternoon/evening:


Course Work

Italics shows the Zombie Apocalypse media reference
Initial letters denote Zombie reference or Apocalypse reference

  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • Amateur radio ARES/RACES usage ZA - I am Legend, Neville often tries to contact people via HAM
  • Brewing and distillation of alcohol (we probably oughtn't run a still in the space, however...)
  • Water distillation and purification
  • Penny stove building workshop: http://www.csun.edu/~mjurey/penny.html
  • Electricity generation
  • Tinkering: fabricating unavailable yet critical tools or devices out of items you might find in a common house or office
  • Chainsaw maintenance
  • Salvage and safe use of common demolition/mining explosives - A - Tremors, blowing up Graboids
  • Defensive driving
  • Archery/fencing/sword/other-running-out-of-ammo-disaster-skills
  • Reloading, nothing like making your own ammo
  • Methane gas production A - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Bartertown's power source
  • Hand printing, copying, and cipher methods
  • Semaphore signaling
  • Scripture cheatsheet for whipping up/controlling dirty masses of post apoc. fundies
  • Bee keeping
  • Animal husbandry (keeping chickens, goats, rabbits and other edible pets)
  • Urban gardening ZA - I am Legend, farming in NYC
  • Food preservation
  • Tunnel digging techniques
  • Trap door construction (for escape hatches and booby traps)
  • Barricading techniques ZA - Night of the Living Dead, et all...
  • Sharpshooting ZA - Night of the Living Dead, a shot to the head kills a zombie

Field Trips

  • A trip to a rifle range (ie: not just small-bore handguns)
  • A trip to a batting cage


Escape Routes

San Francisco is located on a peninsula, separated from the rest of the world by Colma... city of the dead! Escape route planning will be very important!


Dynamic Entry

* Coordinator    : Jonathan Foote

Brewing Workshop

Trolling Defence with Knives

* Coordinator    : San Mehat
* Materials      : One sharp knife - serrated, and one dull knife, unserrated
* Opt. Materials : Salt, Vinegar, Fava Beans, a nice Chianti
* Test subjects  : <TBD based on mailing-list/irc channel content>

How to Build a Disaster Kit

* Coordinator    : 
* Materials      : 
* Opt. Materials : 
* Test subjects  : You!

Field Trips

Rifle Range

Shannon volunteers to do the calling around to find out about hours, group rates &c at local rifle ranges.

Batting Cage

Shannon volunteers to do the calling around to find out about hours, group rates &c at local batting cages.

Graveyard Tour

It's important to know where the dead are in order to avoid them when they rise!

Interested Parties

Put your name down if you are interested in attending any or all of these. We can get more specific on each event later.