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Wed Dec 17 16:47:08 PST 2008

Hi Jonas,

I don't know if anyone answered you about this.  (I'm just catching up on s=
ome emails -- from which I'm WAY behind.)

There's been some talk about creating a "sustaining membership".  Would tha=
t be something you'd be interested in?  Of course, you (and everyone) is we=
lcome on the email lists and the IRC channel, which is another way to stay =
involved on some level.

See you in Berlin soon!


Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 19:30:41 +1100From: jsk at yesco.orgTo: board at lists.nois=
ebridge.netSubject: Re: [Noisebridge-board] initial members list and motion=

silly me would like to be a member of some sorts, feel I had some play in i=
t, but I cannot really be part-taking in many activities except from Sydney=
. Let me know how I could feel part of it. Still toying with the idea of a =
hackspace in Sydney, slowly meeting people (some from Barcamp) who I need t=
o plant the idea with...

I'm looking forward to visit you folks in the spring, hopefully I should ha=
ve time to fly to calif...

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 8:41 AM, Andy Isaacson <adi at hexapodia.org> wrote:
Mitch, all -We need to go through the formal member induction process; the =
boardneeds to pass a motion adopting a membership process and an initial se=
tof members.I'm going to consult the Nolo Nonprofit book to ensure we do so=
methingreasonable, and I hope to have the legalese in place today or tomorr=
ow.Since Mitch is travelling for the next while, we'll want to do it byunan=
imous written consent of the board -- send a PDF to Mitch, he printsand sig=
ns and fedexes it to SF, and we all sign.The one thing I need to do this is=
 the list of founding members.  I'mopen to suggestions, but I was going to =
assume it was everyone who'dpaid membership dues in November before the ins=
titution of our formalmembership process.Mitch, could you send out the list=
?  And possibly also the list ofpeople who paid dues in October?  (I think =
that one was on the mailinglist already.)-andy_____________________________=
__________________Board mailing listBoard at lists.noisebridge.nethttps://www.=
noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/board-- .sigh
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