[Noisebridge-board] November power bill

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 17 18:13:51 PST 2008

> Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 17:43:16 -0800> From: dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu> T=
o: board at lists.noisebridge.net> Subject: Re: [Noisebridge-board] November p=
ower bill> > Mitch Altman wrote:> >> Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 21:51:10 -0800>=
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ridge-board] November power bill> > As promised, the power bill:> > Account=
 number 4217457385-9> Bill date 12/09/2008> Amount due 349.82> Due date 12/=
30/2008> > Previous Balance 221.50> 11/24 Payment 221.50> > Did someone pay=
 this, or should I pay it from our WFB account?> > I have written check 100=
4 to pay this. It's in my pocket now and will be> mailed as soon as I see a=
 post office box.
Great.  Thanks.

For future reference, I can pay any bill from the WFB website.  All I need =
is the amount, and if I haven't paid them at least once before then I also =
need the address (and account number, if there is one).  I've already paid =
the power bill, so for it all I need is the amount and due date.


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