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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 6 21:09:59 PST 2008


Confirmed:  I received this email at my maltman23 at hotmail.com email, and al=
so on the noisebridge23 at gmail.com email.


------------------> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 15:58:17 -0800> From: adi at hexapod=
ia.org> To: treasurer at noisebridge.net; board at lists.noisebridge.net> Subject=
: [Noisebridge-board] treasurer@ now active> > I think I figured out a sane=
 way to configure the treasurer email> address. Mitch, could you confirm th=
at this mail was delivered to the> noisebridge gmail account?> > -andy> ___=
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