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Here's a response from Carol regarding the 501(c)(3) stuff.

I elaborated for her about question 6, and explained that the response for =
question 1 is the same as the promised stuff that Andy has not yet sent out=
.  But he will very soon, right Andy?



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MitchHi Mitch:Please elaborate on the following response:6.  Will Noisebrid=
ge compensate anyone through non-fixed payments, such as discretionary bonu=
ses or revenue-based payments?  If yes, describe all non-fixed compensation=
 arrangements, including how the amounts are determined, who is eligible fo=
r such arrangements, whether you place a limitation on total compensation a=
nd how you determine or will determine that you pay no more than reasonable=
 compensation for services. AND will such non-fixed payments exceed $50,000=
 annually? No, unless splitting workshop revenue with a teacher counts.As t=
o the following response, I=92m not sure what I am to do:1.  Do we have any=
 representative copies of newsletters, brochures, or similar documents for =
supporting details about activities and fundraising? Is the only source of =
communication the wiki?  I looked at it and it is totally transparent.  The=
 IRS usually does look at this as part of the application review process, s=
o we should be mindful of that.  I guess I can print out some of the wiki? =
 Any other ideas? - print out mailing list announcements of workshops- prin=
t out Laughing Squid & Make blog articles- Noisebridge stickerSee comments =
in red, below:on 11/9/08 2:11 AM, Mitch Altman at mitch at CornfieldElectronic=
s.com wrote:
Hi Carol,I've attached info for you for Noisebridge.  I think this is every=
thing.  Please let me know if you need any more info.     "noisebridge-501c=
3-draft-dmolnar-0-28-10-2008.doc" -- you asked us to fill in some blanks, a=
nd we did, in blue.     "answers.doc" -- you asked us a bunch of questions =
in an email. We stated the questions in this document and answered them in =
blue.          Questions for you:  In question 5, it says we need to certif=
y these things.  Is there something special we need to do to certify these =
things, or just state it, as we did in this document? You certify by signin=
g the 1023 application.Regarding question 7, what if we were to have a gara=
ge sale to get rid of items that are cluttering up the space and a member o=
r someone on the board bought something -- would that be OK, or should memb=
ers and boards members not be eligible to buy from these sorts of fund-rais=
ers?This does not sound like a problem, because the =93interested person=94=
 is not given preferential treatment or pricing, so I=92m not at all worrie=
d about the garage sale scenario.     We have held a few events, and announ=
ced them via email to our email list.  Andy said he would convert some of t=
hese announcements to PDF and email them to you.  Has he done that?I haven=
=92t seen this..... But I=92ll look again in my spam mail box.  Please have=
 him include =93Noisebridge=94 in the subject line.  Thanks.Best,Mitch.
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