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> Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 02:05:52 -0800> From: jacob at appelbaum.net> To: boa=
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s> > David Molnar wrote:> > hey all,> > > > The PG&E bill for October came.=
 $221.50 for 863 kilowatt-hours. I've put> > it in the PG&E manila folder. =
Is someone already planning to pay it or> > should I go ahead and figure ou=
t how to pay it?> > I suspect if you want to pay this, it would be great. M=
itch is out of> town and I think you've got the checks in hand...> > > > > =
Our new checks came as well. I'm going to hold these for now, since I'd> > =
rather not have them lying around the space. If you want them, let me know.=
> > > > I think it's great that you're willing to hold on to them, it may m=
ean> paying the PG&E bill. :-)> > > > I will also make a sign asking people=
 to please deposit mail "to> > Noisebridge" upstairs on the shelves. From w=
hat I hear, the checks were> > on the shelves downstairs for a while before=
 moving upstairs.> > > > That sounds great. Perhaps we need a mail bucket o=
f some sort?> > Best,> Jake
Thanks for paying the PG&E bill, David.  Please email me the check number t=
hat you used to pay them.  And please email me the account number.


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