[Noisebridge-board] Board meeting - Thursday evening?

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 2 12:22:39 PDT 2008

Let's find a time where everyone can make it in person.

Saturday morning isn't that great for me, since I have tons to do to get re=
ady for the Brain Machine / Dream Machine tent at the Castro Street Fair on=
 Sunday (which also leaves Sunday out for me).  But if there were a way for=
 everyone else to make it on Saturday, I'll make the time -- for 2 hours on=
ly, though.

I'm fine with Monday, any time (no time limit pressing on me then).

As I've expressed before, I believe that coming to agreement about acceptin=
g and rejecting new Members is crucial and critical -- we have to do this A=
SAP!!  As well, we need an agreement as to how to get rid of Members who ar=
e not working out.  Once we agree we can bring it up to the group at large.=
  I don't think this will be too difficult, since we want our Membership to=
 be as open as possible, and we have models to go by that have worked for o=
ther hacker spaces.

For this board meeting, here's my priorities:  the above needed agreements =
about Membership (for which we do not need to finish at the meeting), and a=
iring grievances in a safe space so we can all feel good working and playin=
g together (for which I would like to see given as much energy as needed).



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 hour block I can do is saturday. Is 11:00AM ok?> > > > works for me.> > > =
> I'll have to phone in if this is the meeting time. It looks like I have> =
to attend to some business in Southern California (related to day job)> Fri=
day-Sunday.> > I would really like today or Monday (afternoon or before 8pm=
) for an in> person meeting. I suspect that today is right out (for good re=
ason) and> Monday may be too delayed for some people.> > Thoughts?> > Best,=
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