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Please see below for Carol's answers to David's questions about registering=
 Noisebridge with SF.


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Hi Mitch:  Since this is simply a matter with local government, I would jus=
t call up the treasurer=92s office and ask them the procedure.  It isn =91t=
 something I usually get involved in.  It should be very straight forward, =
and the City will probably be so happy to have someone come to them and be =
proactive about this.  Once we file the application, there were be a letter=
 arriving shortly from the IRS, and this letter could be proof that your ap=
plication is pending.  The City should accept that, if evidence is needed.
Also, as to =93ownership=94, a nonprofit does not have owners,  only respon=
sible parties (i.e. The board or the officers).  I would talk to the City t=
reasurer before volunteering any social security numbers.Rgds,Carolon 10/10=
/08 1:45 AM, Mitch Altman at mitch at CornfieldElectronics.com wrote:
Hi Carol,David, our Noisebridge secretary, has a couple of questions regard=
ing registering with SF.  Do you know the answers?  Please see below.Thanks=
,Mitch.---------------------Hi Mitch,Do you know if Carol will send us inst=
ructions on applying for a SanFrancisco tax registration certificate? I fou=
nd the instructions on howto apply here:http://www.sfgov.org/site/treasurer=
_page.asp?id=3D14973#4Since we do not have a 501c3 status yet, but we also =
do not have anyemployees, it looks to me like we pay the minimum fee of $25=
 and filethe certificate. This has to be done within '15 days from start of=
business.'The application also asks for the SSNs of all owning entities. Do=
es thatmean every single member of a membership nonprofit? or can we get aw=
aywith just the officers?-David Molnar
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