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l]> > Andy Isaacson wrote:> > On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 06:31:15PM -0700, Mit=
ch Altman wrote:> >> Thanks, David.> >> > >> Can others please email me the=
 hours they think go with their> >> position? I'll compile and email to Car=
ol.> > > > I suppose I should probably have a title of some kind beyond "bo=
ard> > member", since I've spent a solid 30 hours or more per week at 83c> =
> through October. (Not all of it working on Noisebridge stuff of course,> =
> but much of it.) But man do I hate titles and the political games that> >=
 go with them.> > for our internal runnings, not sure we need titles. espec=
ially if you> don't want them. Just "Member" should work, plus things like =
"build team> coordinator guy" as appropriate. (Thanks again, by the way, fo=
r all your> hard work on that and other things so far!)> > So far,the title=
s only matter for things like interacting with banks,> insurance companies,=
 etc. There it matters when people ask for things> like "please have the Ex=
ec. Director and the Secretary sign this paper."> In those cases they are a=
 necessary evil, but I don't think we have any> pressing need to do more of=
Yeah -- thanks Andy for your great work over the last month!

All this beaurocracy is a bummer, isn't it?  But we are on our way to that =
501(c)(3) which we've been working at for so long.  All I really need to do=
 is send Carol 1 number for each of us.  I got your number, and David's -- =
now if I could get that number from 3 other people...


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