[Build] The elevator is a problem

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Fri Oct 9 16:26:00 PDT 2009

I've haven't seen/heard of any updates in regards to the elevator 
constantly not working properly nor and steps towards making it fully 
functional. The excuse of "well you need to make sure all the other 
doors are 100% shut, try reshutting them" isn't acceptable and also 
doesn't work all the time. If I was a disabled person asking someone 
else to run upstairs isn't a viable option. I ride a bike and having a 
working elevator would be nice but I don't mind lugging my bike up 2 
flights of stairs. What is a problem however is hauling the trash cans 
down to the first floor and back.

This is the 6th day in a row where I haven't been able to magically get 
the elevator to work by running up and down the floors and reshutting 
doors. I'm extremely frustrated by this and would like to see change happen.

I would like the contact information for the landlords so I can make a 
call and ask them to fix.

Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

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