[Build] Build task list.

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 15:37:37 PDT 2010

Check on the order of operations, correct if necessary, and add
remaining operations
Some of this can be done out of this order, or done simultaneously:
So, theoretically with more people this will get done faster.

It could be blocked out w/r/t timing.

Paint ADA bathroom final coat of paint (enamel)
Tile ADA bathroom
Install fan on ADA bathroom ceiling
Install switch and light on bathroom ceiling
Install door molding for ADA bathroom
Install sink in ADA bathroom
Install toilet in ADA bathroom
Install ADA bathroom hand rails

Sand outside bathroom wall
Second mud outside bathroom wall
Prime outside bathroom walls (latex primer)
Paint outside bathroom walls (latex paint)

Finish facility room drywalls
Sand facility closet walls
Second mud facility closet walls
Prime facility closet walls (oil primer)
Final coat facility closet walls (enamel)

Fix conduit run from kitchen breaker box to hot water heater (follow
oven outlet conduit run and run along kitchen wall -- no open air
Add a conduit run for an outlet near facility room faucet (largely the
same run as the kitchen run)
Add 220v run from kitchen breaker box to darkroom area (is it me, or
are there 3 phase 8 gauge supply lines to this box?)

[fix the following two steps and clarify what needs to be done]
Install black pipe air line from darkroom connector (just inside
facility closet door)
Install black pipe air line from facility closet pipe

Install roofing sheets on facilities and ADA bathroom areas

Attach air vents in from bathroom and dark room to the windows(keep
separate to avoid back flow)

wash station wall wood framing
wash station basin framing
wash station plumbing  (install faucet bib for filling buckets, etc,
on down line from delta handle)
wash station tiling

-Ronald Miloh Alexander

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