[Build] state of construction

jim jim at well.com
Fri Jul 2 16:40:30 PDT 2010

   i got questions, including "does anybody have any 
opinions or ambitions i should look out for" as well as 
"is anybody interested in helping with these?" 
   what's supposed to be happening in the Scott Memorial 
Construction Room (SMCR) east of the darkroom? 
   I like the idea of moving the construction materials 
from the walking way around the cook area into the SMCR. 

   Anybody up on the state of the possibility of moving 
the "dirty workshop" aka "matfablab" aka "fabmatlab" to 
the east end (where the Church classroom is now)? 

   Anybody up on the state of redoing lights and tracks 
over the fabmatlab and turing and church classrooms? 

   I'm kind of preparing myself to do more electrical 
work, likely end of this coming week (july 8,9 or so). 
Immediate projects include 
* run some outlets around the turing and possibly even 
the church classroom walls. 
* run conduit for light switches in the turing and 
possibly church classrooms. 
* help bring down the light fixtures and power rails 
over the fabmatlab, the turing and church classrooms, 
and probably the walking way near the big pile of 
construction materials. 
* bring power to the ceiling for the re-hung lights and 
power rails. 
* rampage in the little storage closet: build another 
set of shelves (plywood is cut, needs 2x4s cut to size) 
above the exist shelf stack as well as maybe put up 
shelves and cable hanging stuff above and near the door. 

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