[Build] state of construction (storage bins)

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Sat Jul 3 21:20:24 PDT 2010

* Ben Kochie <ben at nerp.net> [100703 19:32]:
> Do you prefer bins like the ones that are there, or fishing organizer  
> style boxes with compartments?
> Personally if we could get screws and such into an organizer setup with  
> smaller bins it would be good.  I prefer the fishing/sewing organizers  
> that have compartments on two sides and flip open.  If anyone knows a 
> good place to pick that kind of thing up I could go shopping for them.

The part bin cabinets listed below are what I'd suggest. They
all have the same external dimensions, but with different drawer
configurations. Personally, I find the 24 large-drawer and the 64
small-drawer versions are most useful. I have the combo 44-drawer
version on my desk at work, but mostly use the larger drawers and wish
I got the 24-drawer version instead. These would be nice attached to
the wall (don't stick out too far). I like the idea of settling on
one particular form factor so they can be tiled across a wall in a
modular, space-efficient, non-chaotic manner... and these seem to
have a reasonable cost/benefit ratio IMO.

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