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jim jim at well.com
Wed Dec 14 17:57:21 PST 2011

thanks for the news. anything that's not to my 
liking i'm liable to change when i can move without 
spurring hacking and coughing fits. 

On Wed, 2011-12-14 at 17:47 -0800, Shannon Lee wrote:
> Hi Build List,
> I badgered and harassed Milo until he agreed to do the hard work of
> getting one of the light fixtures in the Turing classroom working, and
> a wall switch to turn it on and off with; and last night he and I and
> Kaya got a light in Turing working.
> I am leaving for Portland for Christmas and didn't want to leave that
> classroom lightless, and heard that Jim was sick, and was feeling
> inspired (and not like attending the meeting) last night.
> I understand that this has stepped on some plans, and I sincerely and
> abjectly apologize; and when I'm back from Portland, the 9th of
> January, I will be happy to do the scut work part of doing this the
> right way, if wiser heads and better craftspeople have not stepped in
> and saved the day in the mean time.
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