[Build] Lighting revamp

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Mon Sep 12 12:30:06 PDT 2011

I have a ton of spare time right now and want to get to work on fixing the 
lighting at the space.  My count last night was we have 15 functional 
fixtures in use but need about 20-25 to properly light the space.

Major areas that need more light: (They basically have no targeted bulbs)
   * FabLab
   * Classrooms
   * Kitchen
   * Hack shelves

My todo looks like this:

Get estimate on power used by the existing lighting
   * I have a TED 5000 which can be installed in the panel
   * This will give us up-to-the-min readings of use
   * I'll try and get a couple more so we can have one per-panel

Figure out the cost of upgrading all balasts to handle T8 bulbs
   * We have 96" T12 bulbs right now
   * T8 bulbs use about 20% less power for the same light output.
   * Replacing the balasts may also save power
   * Estimate of about $50 per fixture to do this upgrade.

Figure out the cost of upgrading all celing lighting to LED.
   * We would possibly need a stronger cost/benefit estimate for this.
   * Would give us some major cool factor.
   * We could go dimmable to better control the light levels.
   * Spots could be used for better lighting of work areas.

Get a bank of light switches setup so we can have more targeted light use.

Research controls
   * Easy/hackable X10 switches
   * Commercial controls add nice things like occupancy/daytime sensors


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