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Sat Aug 2 18:14:32 UTC 2014

running late, of course, will be there between noon and one. in the
meantime, any a/v type gear that is found (mixers, subwoofers, cables, etc)
should be put in the a/v area at the front left of the space where that new
wall is, but away from the walls a little so the electricians can get

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> I will be at the space Saturday and Sunday managing layout implementation
> and stuff-shuffling and volunteer tasking.
> torrie, casey, piratematt and jarrod will be doing complex specific tasks
> (networking, drywall, floors).  I will take on volunteer distribution for
> other simple stuff and interface between them and the volunteers on hand
> for questions and information.
> - a/v and library areas are finished floorwise.  the items that go in
> those areas will be clustered there, away from the walls and outlets since
> the electrical is not finished.
> - all the vintagey gear (soldering stations, power boxes, most of the
> small electronics from the electronics hacking area) will be put in the
> darkroom for now, on standing shelves that will also be put in the darkroom
> for this purpose.
> - the 3d printer stuff will be rounded up and boxed up at the very least.
> it may already be boxed up and hidden somewhere but i am not positive about
> this. we will figure it out.
> - we have 982734972374298374 chairs and they are all in the way
> - painting of stuff
> - other various things
> there's going to be a lot of moving parts happening at once over the
> weekend, and working around other people who are working around other
> people who are working.  a fair amount of pre-execution planning will be
> done right before execution, since it it will be dependent on how the
> complex tasks are being executed at that moment.  volunteer hours start at
> about 11am, i will be there between 11 and noon. see you there!
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