[Noisebridge-congress] Village Noisebridge

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Sat Jul 6 06:46:24 UTC 2013

Hey everyone, I've paid for the noisebridge tent rental, It'd be nice if 
people would send me some cash.  The total cost came to $1221 EUR ($1580 

Also, the next steps are.. how are we going to decorate it?  If there's 
anything we want to order, we should do that soon.

One idea I have been wanting to do is order a bunch of pixelpusher gear 
from http://www.heroicrobotics.com/.  They have offered us a reasonable 
bulk discount if we wanted to build something big.

$3000 would get us a 2.5 x 1 meter tall dispalay with 5760 pixels.


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