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Oy, that makes total sense, and those do look like some of the IR sensors I have played with in the past.  Good call!

I think the white (actually green?) LEDs though just give the same info outwards as the motors provide inwards, i.e. they are displays not part of the sensor.  I imagine that would make it hugely easier to debug, not to mention it looks pretty cool.  It'd be kinda neat to add that to the North Paw, actually.  


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Those look like standard IR rangefinders rather than ultrasonic.  The small beam width of a IR rangefinder makes it so you can generally get away with closely packed sensors without needing any fancy tricks. The white LEDs look like they are there to help with the minimum range issue that IR rangefinders have

If they were ultrasonic, they would be stepping on each other, and echos and other artifacts are more prevalent. Also ultrasonic equipment tends to be bulkier than equivalent IR gear.

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I studied the video of those 'crazy laser sensors' and I'm not convinced they are laser sensors.  I have attached a screenshot from a still of the video, I think it clearly shows something that could be an ultrasonic ranger with an LED in the middle.

Also, the video clearly shows that the range is quite limited - appears to be between 1 and 2 feet.  This is entirely consistent with Rachel's experience (ultrasonic rangers useless beyond 3 feet), and really limits the usefulness of the device to indoor spaces only.

Still, I'd LOVE to try that headband on, it looks quite intuitive and fun!  


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> http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/03/tactile_gaming_vest_lets_you_feel_t.html

A couple links beyond that article:


"We are developing a wearable and modular device allowing users to
perceive and respond to spatial information using haptic cues in
an intuitive and unobtrusive way. The system is composed of an array
of "optical-hair modules", each of which
senses range information and transduces it as an appropriate
vibro-tactile cue on the skin directly beneath it."

Basically Eyes in the Back of the Back, but each sensor/display pair is independent it seems. What I really want to know is what these crazy laser sensors they're using are and how much (...which is probably there somewhere, but I haven't delved deep into it yet...) since we had some much trouble with ultra-sound.



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