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Mon Feb 22 19:56:25 PST 2010

Its a bit on the heavy side, but i had no problem moving it with 2other
I would like to relocate this machine by the end of the month. Let me know
how we can go about this as a
donation to your space and who I should talk to.

thanks kindly,

415 756 2043

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Howdy goodfolks at NB,<br><br>I am a creative professional working/living i=
n the city. My passion is photography and everything related to it.<br>Rece=
ntly I was gifted an Ilford RC photo processor and I have been searching ou=
t a working space for it find<br>
usage. I am pretty attached to this machine- as I have always wanted my own=
 home lab, but feel it would be<br>best for others to benefit from its capa=
bilities.<br>I have been to noise bridge a couple of times in the past, was=
 excited that youse guys were working on the<br>
darkroom. . . i&#39;d like to add to your amenities and hope that soon you&=
#39;d have a fully running mini photo lab<br>in your space.<br><br>The proc=
essor itself is an Ilford RC 2150 about 3ftx3ft, it has all the tubing and =
a short supply of chemistry.<br>

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