[Darkroom] Is anyone currently using the darkroom?

Chris Williams chris at mentalaperture.com
Mon Dec 5 12:04:49 PST 2011

I stopped by Noisebridge yesterday to check out the darkroom, because 
I'd love to have access to one that's available 24/7, for working at odd 

Is there anyone who's currently using the darkroom, that I could come 
look over your shoulder sometime and see how you set it up?

If not (I didn't see anyone listed on the calendar since August), I've 
got a few specific questions, that maybe someone can answer on the list:

Is there a setup for washing film? For prints? I didn't see anything 
obvious for either, maybe I wasn't looking for the right thing.

I saw the film drier, but where do you dry prints?

Most of the dilute chemicals I saw, where dated, seemed of questionable 
vintage. In particular, there were several jugs of mixed D-76 dated from 
dubious to ancient; any reason not to dump all of those?

Which leads me to my next question-- I saw tons of envelopes of D-76, 
but didn't notice any source for fresh stop/fix; should I buy those, or 
did I just miss them?

Speaking of fix, the fix+water holding jug appears to be full. Is there 
an established procedure for disposing of it?

Oh, and the electronic water-temp-control thing on the wall -- does that 
actually work? It seemed to at least be measuring something when I 
started water flowing through it, but I couldn't figure out how to 
adjust the temp.

Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm more than willing to put in some 
effort to get things operating, but don't want to duplicate (or worse, 
accidentally dismantle) existing efforts. :)


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