[Darkroom] Is anyone currently using the darkroom?

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Thu Dec 8 12:02:02 PST 2011

Chris Williams wrote, On 2011-12-05 12:04:
> Is there anyone who's currently using the darkroom, that I could come 
> look over your shoulder sometime and see how you set it up?

Hi, I haven't used the darkroom in a while, and most likely wont again
until after the new year. But if I do I'll ping the list.

> Is there a setup for washing film? For prints? I didn't see anything 
> obvious for either, maybe I wasn't looking for the right thing.

Not really. For film I've just been using the nicer plastic canisters
with hoses stuck into them. For film I tend to put one of the tubs
inside the sink and run water through that.

> I saw the film drier, but where do you dry prints?

There's a clothes line, we're kind of old fashioned that way. :P

> Most of the dilute chemicals I saw, where dated, seemed of questionable 
> vintage. In particular, there were several jugs of mixed D-76 dated from 
> dubious to ancient; any reason not to dump all of those?

The current D76 stuff that's on the shelf above the sink I think is bad.
We should have some expired powders to mix new batches. If you feel like
expired stuff isn't good please bring your own chems. :)

> Which leads me to my next question-- I saw tons of envelopes of D-76, 
> but didn't notice any source for fresh stop/fix; should I buy those, or 
> did I just miss them?

I haven't been rummaging through the chemicals shelf in a long while.
Could anyone else answer this question?

> Speaking of fix, the fix+water holding jug appears to be full. Is there 
> an established procedure for disposing of it?

Don't think we've ever emptied it. :(

> Oh, and the electronic water-temp-control thing on the wall -- does that 
> actually work? It seemed to at least be measuring something when I 
> started water flowing through it, but I couldn't figure out how to 
> adjust the temp.

No, the solenoid for hot water is broken some how and none of us have
gotten around to fixing it.

> Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm more than willing to put in some 
> effort to get things operating, but don't want to duplicate (or worse, 
> accidentally dismantle) existing efforts. :)

Awesome. Welcome to the darkroom. :)

rubin at starset.net

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