[Darkroom] Is anyone currently using the darkroom?

Chris Williams chris at mentalaperture.com
Thu Dec 8 14:26:38 PST 2011

Hi Rubin, thanks for getting back to me!

> Not really. For film I've just been using the nicer plastic canisters
> with hoses stuck into them. For film I tend to put one of the tubs
> inside the sink and run water through that.

OK, I've got one of those standard acrylic-cylinder-type film washers in 
storage back in Boston, I'll try to bring it back from the holidays with 
me. For prints I used to just drill some drain holes in one side of a 
tray and run water through it, looked like there were plenty of extra 
trays, maybe I'll do that with one of those.

> There's a clothes line, we're kind of old fashioned that way. :P

Ha, well, I wasn't really looking for something fancier, I just didn't 
spot the clothes line. ;)

> Don't think we've ever emptied it. :(

Hmm. Maybe I'll post to the general list about toxic-disposal 
procedures, there must be other groups at the space generating toxic 
waste. The current jug is too much to carry but not enough to justify 
renting a truck. ;)

I've also read about a cheap device called a "silver magnet" to 
electrolyze out the silver, but that by itself won't get it within 
limits for dumping down the drain (although we could probably 
technically then dilute it 10x or so and dump it..).

> No, the solenoid for hot water is broken some how and none of us have
> gotten around to fixing it.

Hmm. I could take a crack at it, but I don't have any experience working 
on similar devices, so there's a reasonable chance I might just make the 
situation worse. If anybody more qualified has concrete plans to work on 
it, I'll leave it to them.

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