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Yeah.  Not to be too nit-picky here, but it isn't really *orange juice*.
There have been some that have tried, some studies (*like this one at
OJ simply doesn't have *nearly* enough ascorbic acid content IIRC.  Use of
Vitamin C tablets or pure ascorbic acid is recommended.  I had been buying
my ascorbic acid from a store on Polk near Broadway (is it Real Foods?).
Well, they had run out one day.  I asked a sales person when more would be
in.  It is their own brand, and was 40% of the price of the other brands...

She happened to be the buyer for the store.  She looked at the shelf and
said to me,
"*oh my, that price isn't right.  It shouldn't be $7.62 for that size.
order pricing sheet]  *That is mismarked.  The price is $15.80.  *[places
new shelf tag].  *We'll have more in by next week."*

Oooops.  You can blame me for that one.  (not that I had pointed it out to
her or anything).  I've never walked into the store again.  And they had a
couple sales persons who did caffenol-C development too.  Bummer.  *sigh*

*One of my caffenol-C recipes is listed in the photo description of my
flickr photo here* <http://www.flickr.com/photos/ambientimages/4254223891/>.

It might seem like a convoluted 'stretch', but I *frequently* used *this
site to research household food items* <http://nutritiondata.self.com/> that
might work well as developing agents.  Laugh at me if you will, but their
info has proven to be extremely relevant for my soup recipe needs.



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> http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/07/skill-builder-caffenol-homebrew-film-developer.html
> The background music is annoying.
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