[Darkroom] hello – new to noisebridge & SF

Erin Frey erin.m.frey at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 01:31:13 UTC 2012


I just moved to SF from Singapore and am looking forward to getting back
into photography.  I took an intro B&W film intro course in college, but
have been on a hiatus since then :(

I'm a bit rusty! and would appreciate a quick refresher of the darkroom if
anyone is willing to meet me at noisebridge.

I love people– in general lol but especially photographing them...street
photography, portraits...some photos
photographer would be
 Currently looking to get back into B&W but also learn digital, excited to
see that there are workshops coming up.

Would love to meet some fellow photographers, especially newbies who would
like to learn/shoot together.  My favorite part about taking a photo class
was going with the group to one place for a shoot and then coming together
afterward and seeing everyone's very different shots!


P.S. Can I be added to the darkroom calendar, please? Thanks!

Erin Frey
erin.m.frey at gmail.com
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