[Darkroom] Workshop in the Darkroom Sunday Nov. 4th

eric stewart e.l.j.stewart at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 19:11:19 UTC 2012

Hey All,

Some interest has been building around a workshop concerning hand
processing and darkroom processes for Motion Picture film.  So, we are
gonna have a get together/discussion in/around the darkroom this coming
Sunday Nov. 4th.  We will be discussing the film stock called Hi-Con(7363),
which is an orthochromatic high contrast film usually reserved for making
titles and mattes for special effects.  When processed in d-76 or diluted
dektol, it yields a niece medium contrast film stock, this combined with
the fact that it is dirt cheap ($40 for 400ft) makes it an ideal choice for
use in the darkroom or for anyone who wants to shoot 16mm and doesnt want
to go broke.
I will bring some technical info, introduce the basic processes for
negative and reversal development of 16mm black and white camera stocks,
and then hopefully in groups of 2-3 we can develop some film! I will bring
my Bolex for us to generate some images, additionally i will bring some
already exposed film, and we can always make photo-grams! This is also a
good opportunity if anyone wants a chance to get familiar with a bolex.
I hope to see some of you there.  Let me know if you have any
If anyone is planning to use the darkroom Sunday afternoon/evening please
let me know so we can schedule around your needs.  We will only need the
actual darkroom for about 40-60 minutes, ideally starting at 5pm.  Outside
of the darkroom we will be talking around a table somewhere.

-Eric Stewart
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