[Darkroom] Book Scanner

newmy51 at gmail.com newmy51 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 05:46:28 UTC 2013

Dear Darkroom List,

We of the Noisebridge Digital Archivists group are interested in using
a potion of the darkroom for our book scanner, currently being stored
atop the member shelves (the large wooden contraption).  We'd like to
know what you think, and how you'd feel about some reconfiguration of
the darkroom to accommodate our equipment.  The first idea that came
to mind was moving one of the enlargers aside, provided that the two
currently in there are functionally identical/redundant.  We encourage
you to direct your replies to our own mailing list at
digitalarchivists at lists.noisebridge.net.  We look forward to hearing
from you.


Danny N. (Founder, Noisebridge Digital Archivists Group)

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