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poppy poppy at foostache.com
Tue Nov 1 16:34:18 PDT 2011

Hello fabbers,

At the 5mof on 2011-10-20, Alex presented her research on holography and 
scratch holograms. A scratch hologram is as follows:

We (Dany, Alex, and I) got together and made a scratch hologram in the 
space last wednesday in a spare piece of acrylic we found. (Just a 
simple letter "V" as the site suggests.) We also learned how to properly 
use the laser engraver without burning it out.

We want to make a simple one of these with the laser engraver soon, then 
make a piece of software which can take 3D files and output 
corresponding laser art files for "scratch" holograms. I have some ideas 
about how to do that, but would like to make a few simple hand-drawn / 
-calculated but laser-made holograms first.

The current idea is that we're gonna be around for fab wednesdays, 
because it seems like a good fit with 3D fabrication. I thought I would 
let you all know; hopefully we can make something better together than 
we could apart.

Other inspirations:

Zebra holographic prints: http://youtu.be/Xp7BP00LuA4

Integral imaging: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integral_imaging

+ poppy

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