[Fab] 3D Thursday is tonight! Bring your printers! Bring your prints!

matthew bennett norcalbarney at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 15:33:35 UTC 2013

It's time again for another 3D Thursday!  Last week we had a good time
printing on my Prusa and answering questions.  There was another awesome
home designed and built printer that had everyone talking.  Last Saturday
we busted out many Kinect headscans for the NoiseBridge fundraiser.

This week, it's raining  -- and my printerhead is all jammed up, so I'm
leaving MY machine at home.  Of course we love to see YOUR printer, either
finished or not, running or not.  And if it's close to running, we can
certainly help you get it going, just drag it in!

Also this week, a new version of Slic3r came out, and it's a doosie.  Lots
of new features to discuss, so I can give a rundown of those, and help
anyone get some software for 3D slicing and printing installed.

Even if you don't bring a printer, you should bring some prints, good or
bad.  If they're good, we'll stroke your ego and you'll like it.  If your
prints are coming out poorly, we can give you some tips to make 'em better.

Basically, we're 3D nerds, and we can't get enough.  Just come out, OK?

Cookies and cake provided.  BYOB.  BYO3DP.


PS The cake is a lie.
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