[Fab] Prusa rebuild, but not tomorrow.

Matthew Bennett norcalbarney at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 05:30:09 UTC 2013

Hey, fabberz and 3D Thursday enthusiasts.

At the last 3D Thursday there was talk of rebuilding the Prusa into a more bulletproof machine.  The plan is to install a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint, which will allow everyone to print any STL file by uploading it to a webpage.  OctoPrint can slice the file using CuraEngine, and automatically start printing, so the user won't need to install any software to print something.  It is a hands-off approach, but 3D printers are finicky machines, as you may have noticed (all the broken printers).   

I've printed all the part to upgrade it into a Mendel 90, which will use the same rods and hardware from the Prusa, but allow double the printing height, approximately 8" tall. I still need to buy a bit of nuts and bolts to finish it up.

Once all the parts are together, we'll host an all day build-a-thon for anyone interested in the real deal with assembling repraps.  I'm thinking Saturday October 12th would be a good day, if there are no objections.

I'm also planning on putting some time in with the Ultimaker (knockoff) that lives at Noisebridge.  If anyone want's to help with that, lemme know.

Any feedback is welcome.  Let's hear it.


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