[German] Multi-Sensory Interactive Group Language Training

Andreas Stadler rain at meta-mind.de
Tue May 31 20:08:56 PDT 2011

can recommend [watching] your favorite hacking or philosophy related movies,

kann empfehlen deine lieblings hacking oder philosophie filme [anzuschauen]

with foreign language audio, and multiple subtitles in eng and ger,

mit fremd-sprache ton, und mehrere untertitel in enlisch und deutsch

pausing after important scenes [to discuss] translation interpretations,

unterbrechen nach wichtigen szenen, [um] die interpretation der uebersetzung [zu

noticing simmilarities and differences in sentence structure and grammar.

bemerken der aehnlichkeiten und unterschiede in satz struktur und grammatik

- - - -

to develop active vocabulary and pronounciation skill,
picking up new words related to computers, philosophy, technology, sci-fi,
try spontaneously acting out the best scenes of matrix, tron, star trek, etc...

If the subtleties of script, characters, concepts and dialogs are already
intuitively internalized from past native language viewings,
attach new words and sounds to the internal representations,
by consciously focusing on the subtitles and sounds,
while re-experiencing the emotions connected to the scenes of the movie.

it can help a lot for quickly and intuitivly building up of vocabulary
and "how-words-go-together" sentence structure,

forming a reference base, where you can basically swap object, subject or verb,
with any other words you may have heared or read, relativly easy,
since english and german are relativly close related, and cultures simmilar.

can also be insightful to pick up new metaphors or figures-of-speech
for abstract concepts and theories already familiar with.

has the nice benefit that your new verbal foreign language social self,
will have the subtle undertone of hacking culture and philosophical
understanding between the lines,

as there are often multiple german synonyms for a single english word,
sometimes reflecting cultural, intellectual and educational heritage.

Viel Freude bei dem Lernen der Sprache!

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