[ml] [Noisebridge-discuss] What more can we do to turn Noisebridge into something out of a Gibson novel?

Brian Morris cymraegish at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 19:37:25 PST 2011

Seriously, the original concept of cyberspace aka Neuromancer often
incorrectly credited wrt the web (it was really Delaney in Stars in My
Pocket in the same year),

is an emerging reality in the robotics field.

developing robots first in a simulated environment is common if not
standard (check out Sony's methods).

setting up a machine for this at NB would be useful for the robot
makers' as well as the ML group's visions and objectives.

IMHO the development toward machine intelligence via generalized
learning methods (eg ML, EA) is possible via agent / human
interactions  in either real or cyberspace environments, but R+D is
best initiated in controlled / limited / simulated environments.

Please take this issue seriously, it is a biggy.

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