[ml] NB Machine Learning Group

William Sell sellwill at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 18:22:33 PDT 2012

Hello NB Machine Learning peeps,

I came upon the NB ML group when I was looking for Machine Learning groups
in the Bay Area & thought I would check you guys out!

I am currently working on a Masters in Software Engineering and am getting
interested in Machine Learning. I am VERY much a newbie to both Machine
Learning and the Bay Area and would love to learn more about ML, get
involved in some projects that I could help with & meet some interesting

Quick question--Does your group have any scheduled talks/meetings coming
up? I believe the last one listed on the NB site says 6/7 (past). I had
sent the mailing list admin (Josh) a message, but he wasn't sure and
recommended checking with the group in general.


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