[ml] Call for Participation: CCRMA MIR Workshop 2012

Steve Tjoa stjoa at izotope.com
Tue Jun 12 10:46:07 PDT 2012

Hello Noisebridge ML,

I've noticed some interest on this list related to music information
retrieval (MIR) and machine listening. Perhaps some of you may be
interested in an upcoming workshop at Stanford's CCRMA entitled
"Intelligent Audio Systems: Foundations and Applications of Music
Information Retrieval".

During this workshop, we talk about the basic techniques involved in tasks
such as the following:
- music classification (e.g. distinguishing among musical rhythms,
instruments, genres, voices)
- transcription (the process of going from a musical waveform to a
discretized symbolic representation)
- search and recommendation (given an audio excerpt, find similar excerpts)
- segmentation (identify coherent verses in a song)
- feature extraction from musical signals
- ... and more!

The workshop is five days, June 25-29. Each day consists of a morning
lecture/discussion followed by an afternoon lab session. We will use
computing tools and open-source libraries frequently used by MIR
researchers and practitioners.

It's a lot of fun! I think that all of the previous workshop participants
have had a great time. Aside from learning and making new things, you get
to meet new people and enjoy the surroundings of CCRMA and Stanford for one

For more information, including registration, see here:

For a link to last year's workshop wiki, see here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at this address,
stjoa at izotope.com.

Hope to see you there!

Steve Tjoa
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