[ml] Talk / workshop on voice-controlled synths / audio to MIDI conversion?

Stanislav Nikolov snikolov at mit.edu
Wed Apr 3 23:21:28 UTC 2013

Hey all,

Last year, some friends and I did a little project at Music Hackday in
Boston  http://musichackday.org/ that uses signal processing and supervised
classification to turn beatboxing into MIDI kicks, hats, and snares.

Though it's still very much a hack and needs a lot of love, I've been
meaning to share it more broadly and hopefully bounce some ideas around
with people about future directions. Maybe you'd even like to work on it :D

Here's a sample:

input: https://soundcloud.com/4082studio/autobox-input-beatboxing
output: https://soundcloud.com/4082studio/autobox-output-synth

The new version of Ableton Live comes with a really impressive feature for
converting any audio to MIDI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utc2ch83UQQ and
it would be cool to get there eventually.

Anyone interested?

Since Thursdays seemed to work in the past, I'll just throw out a date ---
does 4/18 at 7:30pm work?

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