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Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 18:00:42 PDT 2009

There are notes from our second meeting on the wiki:

And I also added some brief notes at the beginning of the page with some
links.  There's a link to a video of a pretty classic ERP method of text

I think the big highlight is that Rachel said she's going to buy the cap.
Jake sent us the link to that (it's on the wiki page).  I seem to recall an
additional package of peripherals that we were considering buying...?  Can't
recall.  If anyone remembers, tell Rachel.

We mostly talked about further hardware troubleshooting, but also talked a
little more about the various methods of EEG analysis.  We also talked about
Emotiv's headset some more, and I linked the video of their demo in the
notes.  One thing that came up a few times was using EEG to control precise
movements, like in the Pong video (linked on wiki) or in Emotiv's EPOC
demo.  I'm assuming that this is using motor cortex data, which would be
awesome.  That would mean we could use gestures (or possibly just imagined
gestures) as a recognizable cognitive event.

Which brings me to one thing that we didn't talk about much, the passthought
project.  Jake couldn't make it, and we didn't have too many of our
programmers, so that whole genre of material didn't get discussed much, but
I'd really like to brainstorm next time about some of the cognitive events
we could use as the actual passthought, and what other security features
would be useful. I'm sure we can count on Jake to be vocal about this in the
future, but I seem to recall some other folks were interested in that
problem as well.  The idea of a passthought that's gesture based is really
exciting to me.  There's a lot of interesting neuroscience around mirror
neurons [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_neuron] that would be cool to
leverage as well (possibly for the security angle?).  And I happen to know
that there's been research in detecting mirror neuron activity with EEG.

Anyway, I'm excited about this whole motion detection thing, and that'll be
my research item this week.  There's actually kind of a lot that we need to
research so if anyone's interested in spending some quality time on the
googles, ping me and maybe we can find something you're interested in
amongst the vast catalog of Shit We Need To Research.

And I think that the Sunday time was nice.  It's fairly mellow at 83c.  The
turnout was definitely less, so if any of you that couldn't make it were
actually unable to make that time in particular, let us know.  Otherwise,
I'm assuming we'll meet again next Sunday at teatime.

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