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Tracy Jacobs kinetical at comcast.net
Thu Apr 9 17:23:54 PDT 2009

Hey EEG group,

Are we really meeting this Sunday?  It's Easter....

On Apr 5, 2009, at 6:00 PM, Kelly wrote:

> There are notes from our second meeting on the wiki: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/OpenEEG 
> #Meetup_the_Second
> And I also added some brief notes at the beginning of the page with  
> some links.  There's a link to a video of a pretty classic ERP  
> method of text selection.
> I think the big highlight is that Rachel said she's going to buy the  
> cap.  Jake sent us the link to that (it's on the wiki page).  I seem  
> to recall an additional package of peripherals that we were  
> considering buying...?  Can't recall.  If anyone remembers, tell  
> Rachel.
> We mostly talked about further hardware troubleshooting, but also  
> talked a little more about the various methods of EEG analysis.  We  
> also talked about Emotiv's headset some more, and I linked the video  
> of their demo in the notes.  One thing that came up a few times was  
> using EEG to control precise movements, like in the Pong video  
> (linked on wiki) or in Emotiv's EPOC demo.  I'm assuming that this  
> is using motor cortex data, which would be awesome.  That would mean  
> we could use gestures (or possibly just imagined gestures) as a  
> recognizable cognitive event.
> Which brings me to one thing that we didn't talk about much, the  
> passthought project.  Jake couldn't make it, and we didn't have too  
> many of our programmers, so that whole genre of material didn't get  
> discussed much, but I'd really like to brainstorm next time about  
> some of the cognitive events we could use as the actual passthought,  
> and what other security features would be useful. I'm sure we can  
> count on Jake to be vocal about this in the future, but I seem to  
> recall some other folks were interested in that problem as well.   
> The idea of a passthought that's gesture based is really exciting to  
> me.  There's a lot of interesting neuroscience around mirror neurons  
> [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_neuron] that would be cool to  
> leverage as well (possibly for the security angle?).  And I happen  
> to know that there's been research in detecting mirror neuron  
> activity with EEG.
> Anyway, I'm excited about this whole motion detection thing, and  
> that'll be my research item this week.  There's actually kind of a  
> lot that we need to research so if anyone's interested in spending  
> some quality time on the googles, ping me and maybe we can find  
> something you're interested in amongst the vast catalog of Shit We  
> Need To Research.
> And I think that the Sunday time was nice.  It's fairly mellow at  
> 83c.  The turnout was definitely less, so if any of you that  
> couldn't make it were actually unable to make that time in  
> particular, let us know.  Otherwise, I'm assuming we'll meet again  
> next Sunday at teatime.
> -K
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