[EEG] Meeting easter?

Tracy Jacobs kinetical at comcast.net
Sat Apr 11 21:33:43 PDT 2009

Thursday would be better for me, I have family stuff going on  
tomorrow.  I found a box today at Urban Ore that I hope will be  
NOW BUT THE DIMENSIONS seem right and I can replace the one side panel  
that has holes.  It's thinnish steel, not sure if the thickness of the  
metal is important to consider?  I also ordered mini sockets for the  
mini  XLR microphone connectors.    They have not yet arrived as of  
today though.

I talked to Mitch who says he is on his way out of town for six weeks,  
but is happy to donate his boards to our project,  and is asking his  
friend to put them on his shelf, where we are free to grab them.  He  
wants to attend our meetings, but has been too busy of late.

On Apr 11, 2009, at 7:06 PM, Kelly wrote:

> I have to cut out early for a social engagement, but I'm still down.
> I personally think that checking in frequently is good since it'll
> keep us all engaged and remind us to follow up on our various action
> items.
> We could also defer to Thursday this week, although I think that in
> general the Sunday time slot seems to work well for folks.
> Any strong opinions?  I might just throw a Thursday meeting on the
> calendar anyway and see who bites.  At some point I need to rope in
> some programmers, because I'd really like to start researching and
> playing with data analysis techniques early on because I think the
> learning curve there will be considerable.
> -K
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